A:  To access the Admin Tool, please make sure you are signed out of FORMED on all devices. Make sure you are using a compatible browser, i.e. Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.  Also, please make sure that when you click on the link in the email, to complete sign in, that it opens in the same browser. 

Visit formed.org/admin Please enter your email to sign in, then visit your inbox to click on the link to complete sign in.  

On your group home page, you may view your profile and subscription information.  To access the User List, click on the three lines in the upper, left corner, then click on Users. There is your list of Users, (and you have the option of downloading a CSV file into a spreadsheet program.) The User list is also where you may assign a User as an Admin, or remove Admin access by changing back to User - under the Role column, click on the blue arrow to change the User vs Admin designation.

Here is a link to some tutorial videos for the Admin Tool: https://leaders.formed.org/admin-tutorial-videos/