There are a few different methods in how you can watch FORMED on the TV, though it may depend on what kind of TV it is for whether or not it can support the needed features. 

If you have a smart TV such as Roku, or Apple TV, we have a FORMED app that can be downloaded for free in the TV's app store! Once it is found and downloaded, you would follow the instructions for how to log in to your existing account that I have provided below: - there is a list of tutorial videos to choose from, one of which specifically addresses Roku. 

Here is the link for how to have FORMED on your TV with Apple TV: 

Here is the link for hot to have FORMED on your Amazon Firestick:

If you have a smart TV such as LG or Samsung, we do not have the FORMED app available for their platforms. Fortunately, the best way around this, is to log in to FORMED through your TV's internet browser app, just as you would on your computer. If this doesn't work, our last option we recommend is to hook up your computer/laptop via an HDMI cord to your TV, so that you can mirror whatever is playing on your computer, to the TV. For more information, feel free to look through our "Help" section on our FORMED website: