Watch these movies for instructions on creating and participating in discussion groups.

As a FORMED Leader, you can create discussion groups and publish them to your Community page. There are two methods for creating a discussion group, one-click discussion group creation and creating g a discussion group from the leader dashboard,

Creating a discussion group using one-click.

Start by going to  any content page. If logged in as a leader, you’ll see a link Create Community Feature / Discussion”, Click this link, then follow the prompts to create a discussion group. Then, view the feature in your dashboard, where you may edit and publish it to your Community page. 

This take you to the work area of your leader dashboard. To add the discussion group to your community page, just click the PUBLISH button. 

Adding a new discussion group using your leader dashboard.

To add a new discussion group using your leader dashboard, start by clicking the dashboard menu item on your user menu.

At the top of the work area is a NEW button. Click this then choose Discussion Group from the dropdown menu.  

The discussion group editor has three tabs. The Manage group tab is where you name and describe your group, add media and background color. You can also specify whether discussion posts will be sorted manually or automatically from most to least recent. The Member Approval button turns on/off moderation. When it’s on people going the group will need to be approved by you, the group creator.  

All discussion groups must have at least one session. When you’ve completed filling out the Manage Group tab, click the ADD SESSION button to add one or more sessions. (Note: If the add session button is grey and not clickable, this is because you have not filled a required field. Make sure you have defined the title description and image.)

On the Manage Sessions tab, you create one more more sessions fro your group. Note that each session is associated with FORMED or external content. You can feature with images/links, embedded video or embedded audio. When you’ve completed the required fields for the first session, click SAVE. 

This adds your session to the menu at the top, and introduces a NEW button where you can repeat and add as many sessions as you like.

Lastly, the Organize sessions tab allows you to re-order and modify the visibility of your sessions (as most discussion groups will be run over time), or delete a session.

To reorder, simply drag the session up and down using the drag handle on its left edge (or the arrows if you’re on a mobile device). 

To change visibility, drag the “Hidden Sessions Above” tile. Everything below this will be visible to group members. Everything above it will be invisible. 

To delete a session, click the red X.