A FORMED Leader can create a feature out of any FORMED content. There are two methods for featuring content.

1. One-click featured content. 

To feature content quickly, go to any content page. If logged in as a leader, you’ll see a link Create Community Feature / Discussion”, Click this link, then follow the prompts to create  featured content. Then, view the feature in your dashboard, where you may edit and publish it to your Community page. 

You can also feature content from your leader dashboard. First, go to the dashboard by clicking your account menu. Then go to  the Features and Groups tab. There you’ll see a publish area and a work area. Go to the Work area and click NEW and Featured Content to create a new feature.

This invokes the Feature Editor. Name and describe your feature, choose media link, position and type, drag an image into the image area (or embed a video or audio), then choose a background color for your feature. Save your feature to work area, and when you’re ready, click publish to add it to your community page.