Filtering Market Content by Type:

When in the FORMED Market, hovering your mouse over (or pressing once if on a mobile device) the "Digital Products" will populate a drop-down menu that allows users to browse content based on its type.


Filtering Market Content by categories:

1. Click on 'Digital Products" or any subsequent type of product will open all Market Digital content of that type.


2. Located on the right are different filters that can be applied to sort FORMED content by the preference of the user:

Multiple filters can be applied to narrow down the list of FORMED content based on the user's preference.

Sorting by "Is Available On Demand"

Selecting "Yes" will show FORMED content that is currently included in the FORMED On Demand subscription. Here, you can find some of your favorite FORMED content available to download for offline playback.

Selecting "No" will filter content that is only available for purchase in the FORMED Market. Here, you can find even more great Catholic content not available to subscribers of the On Demand subscription.

Sorting by "Product Type"

Selecting the product types will narrow down your search results to either digital products, physical products, or both if neither is selected.

Sorting by "Language"

Selecting "English" will filter all FORMED content available in English.

Selecting "Spanish" will filter all FORMED content available in Spanish. All content filtered in Spanish will include content that has been translated into Spanish as well as those that include Spanish subtitles.

Sorting by "Publisher"

If you have a favorite Catholic content provider or want to see more content produced by a specific media company, filtering by publisher will allow you to see content that is only provided by that company.