**Unfortunately SILK, the pre-loaded browser available on the Kindle Readers/ Fire Tablets, is not compatible with the FORMED platform and is not one of our supported web browsers. For this reason it is not possible to download a eBook from FORMED directly to your Kindle Reader/Fire device. 

We recommend that you use the below instructions to first download the eBook to your computer and then transfer the eBook to your Kindle device using the Send-to-Kindle Feature which can be accomplished through two different options:

  • Attaching the eBook file to an email and sending it to your Kindle device specific email 
  • Alternatively, you can download the Send to Kindle App to your computer and use it to transfer the eBook file to your Kindle Devices.

Option #1: Attach the eBook to an Email 

1. Download the eBook in the Kindle format (.prc) to your computer (Click Here to Learn How to Do This)

2. Once the eBook is downloaded you will need to use the Send-to-Kindle feature to transfer the eBook file directly to your Kindle Reader/Fire

3. Every Kindle App and Device has a specific email address associated with it. The address for your Kindle Device or Kindle App can be located by Logging in to Amazon.com, then using the below instructions: 

  • Go to Manage Your Content & Devices Page on Amazon.com (Please Login to Amazon) 
  • On the Mange Your Content and Devices page select the "Your Devices" Tab 
  • Locate your Kindle Device and select the button with the [...] button and you will see your email listed 

4. Once you have located the email address attached to your Kindle Reader/Fire you can send an email  with the eBook file attached directly to your Kindle device. Include the word "Convert" in the Subject line. 

5. Your eBook should be available within an hour on your Kindle device. If you do not see it within that time frame you may need to approve your email address in  the Settings tab on the Manage Your Content & Devices page on Amazon.com

Option #2: Use the Send-to-Kindle App

1. Download the Send-to-Kindle App 

  • Click Here to Download the PC Version of the Send-to-Kindle App
  • Click Here to Download the Mac version of the Send-to-Kindle App

2. Once the App has successfully downloaded and launched Sign In to your Amazon Account through the App

3.  Download the Kindle version of the eBook from FORMED and save it to your desktop

4. Drag the eBook file into the App 

5. The App will the prompt to you to select which device you'd like to transfer this eBook to 

6. Within a few minutes this eBook should appear on your Kindle Device