Unfortunately, most PCs do not already come with a program that can open and read the eBooks available on FORMED. Various different eBook Reading Programs/Apps are available to access the different eBook file options we have available on FORMED. 


  • You can use this type of file with a PDF reader which can be downloaded for free. A common PDF reader is Adobe Acrobat Reader. Once the file is downloaded the PDF reader should open the file automatically. If the eBook does not automatically open, locate the file and double-click the file to open it in the PDF Reading program.  


  • You can use this type of file with an .EPUB reader. There are various different readers that you can download for free and can open these types of eBook files. You can find these locate these types of readers from a quick Google search. One app that we recommend is the Ebook Reader by Icecream Apps.

Kindle (.prc file):

  • There is a Kindle App that can be used on PCs running Windows 7,8,10. The Kindle App is free and is available through Amazon. Once you have downloaded the App you will need to sync the App with your Amazon Account. 

  • Once your App is set up you can download the Kindle version of the eBook. Once downloaded your browser will prompt you to select what program/App you would like to use to open the file. Select Kindle and then the eBook will then be available in the Kindle App in the Downloaded section. 

When you download an eBook the download file should appear either in the lower left corner of the browser or at the bottom of the browser page. Click the download and select "Open." The eBook file should then sync with the eReader Program you have installed on your computer. If it does not automatically sync with your eReader program you may be prompted by your browser to select the Program you'd like to use to open the file with and establish as the default behavior.