There are three different eBook file types available on FORMED that can be used on an Android Phone or Tablet:


  • Once downloaded this file can be opened, read, and saved using a PDF Reading App downloaded from the Google Play Store, like the Adobe Acrobat Reader App. 


Using Google PlayStore App 

  • Download the eBook as a .EPUB file and once downloaded choose to open the eBook through the Google PlayStore App.
  • Within the PlayStore you will find your saved eBooks in the "My Books" section.

Using a .EPUB Reader App (Recommended Option) 

  • Download the eBook as a .EPUB file and open it using an EPUB Reader App downloaded from the App store, like the Universal Book Reader App.
  • Once downloaded select the App you'd like to use to open the eBook. The eBook will then be imported into the App. 

Kindle (.prc file): If you have the Kindle app (free in the App Store) you may download the Kindle version of an eBook. 

  • Once downloaded you will need to located the downloaded .prc file and then manually drag the eBook into the Kindle folder.Both the Downloads file and the Kindle file should be located in the "My Files" App. Once you drag  

  • Alternatively, you can use the Send-to-Kindle feature to send the .prc from your computer to your Kindle App. Click Here for more information