At this time we do not offer a search bar on our site. This is a popular request, we have it on our roadmap and hope to get to it soon. 

In the meantime, if you cannot find specific content you remember seeing on our site you may need to scroll through the content stripe to find it. To do this, simply click the arrows located to the left and right of the content stripe to scroll through.


If you cannot see the arrows you may be zoomed in on your web browser. You can use the shortcuts below to fix the size of your web page:

  • Hold down the "Command" key and press "-" (minus) to zoom out.
  • Hold down the "command" key and press "=" (equal) to reset your screen to 100%

If you are still unable to locate a particular program, movie, audio talk or book please submit a new help request to the ParishCare team explaining your request and the title of the resource you are looking for.