There are a few different ways to locate specific content on our website.

1. Once logged into your account, the top right corner of the FORMED homepage will have everything you'll need to get started searching for different types of content, subject matter, and titles.

Each of the four main content categories, Study, Watch, Listen, and Read will display subcategories when you hover over them with your cursor. This can help narrow down your searching if you know the type or category of content for which you are searching.

2. Click the magnifying glass icon to open up a search bar. Once you've typed in the title or topic for which you'd like to search, click Enter to bring up your results.

Your search results will be broken down into each of the main content categories (Study, Listen, Read, and Watch), with the number of relevant titles displayed next to each category. Click the category relevant to the materials or title you're search for to skip to that list.

3. If you are still unable to find a particular title, please proceed to the FORMED homepage to access our Content Directory. Once the homepage has loaded, scroll to the very bottom until you see the gray box and click the Content Directory link directly next to the blue donate button:

The Content Directory is a comprehensive list of all of the content available on FORMED, alphabetized by title and categorized by type (Study, Watch, Listen, Read).

Feel free to scroll through the list, or search by title by holding Ctrl + F (in Windows) or Cmd + F (in MacOS)

If you are still unable to find a title or topic, please create ticket to send to our ParishCare team by clicking here.